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Engineer the Exceptional

We believe in the power of motion and automation to create a better world.

With Kollmorgen motion systems, AGV control solutions and automation platforms, engineers like you are solving tough problems and making a meaningful difference. Promoting industrial safety and advancing economic opportunity. Changing how solar energy is created. Improving medical diagnosis and treatment outcomes. Exploring new worlds, from deep oceans to deep space. And so much more.

Whatever your mission in this world, we’ll help you create more ambitious machines, vehicles and robots. Delivering more capable motion. Engineering with more confidence. Bringing exceptional new possibilities to the world.

More Ambitious Machines and Vehicles

The engineering possibilities you can envision and actualize depend on the power, torque, precision and responsiveness available to you. Look to Kollmorgen for the highest motion performance, automation capabilities tailored to any application, and comprehensive product lines delivered with the best lead times.

If you can think it, we’ll help you build it.
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More Capable Performance

We believe your motion system should be designed to fit your machine, not the other way around. Whether upgrading existing capabilities or embarking on an all-new design, our co-engineering experts will help you achieve simply powerful motion and simply amazing automation, backed by Kollmorgen’s advanced tools, training and support.

We’ll help you achieve breakthrough performance.
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More Confident Engineering

Design machines, vehicles and robots with confidence. Kollmorgen has been pioneering the most advanced motion technologies for more than 100 years. We offer trusted reliability, global supply and support, expertise for continuous progress, and proven results for the most demanding applications and extreme operating environments.

Let’s solve the toughest problems, together.
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Motion & Automation Systems

Simply Powerful Motion

The Kollmorgen 2G Motion System delivers significantly enhanced torque, responsiveness and control in a more compact footprint that provides easy installation and total design flexibility.

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Simply Amazing Automation

Kollmorgen’s modular, scalable control and navigation solution simplifies precise control of AGVs and mobile robots, freeing your design team to focus on advanced application features.

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Unparalleled Expertise

Get co-engineering services, self-service design tools, and access to our global network of application, design and manufacturing centers.