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Success Stories

Rapid Scale-Up of Blood Gas Analyzer Production, Kollmorgen
16 Jul 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a massive spike in the demand for medical equipment in every region of the world, including personal protective equipment, laboratory test systems, ventilators and more. A major global supplier of blood gas analyzers reached out to Kollmorgen—its motion partner of 15 years—with an urgent request to more than quadruple production of the specialized steppers that are all-important to blood gas analyzer accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

Rapidly Scaling Production of Critical Equipment, Kollmorgen
16 Jul 2020

In the fight against COVID-19, the soaring demand for face masks has led to a severe undersupply.  Beckmann Automation GmbH, a German machine builder that has traditionally manufactured machines for mattress and belt production, quickly stepped in to meet this urgent need.

Kollmorgen Helps Rapidly Scale CT Scanner Production, Kollmorgen
16 Jul 2020

When the world became aware of the COVID-19 outbreak first identified in Wuhan, China, it quickly became clear that greatly increased diagnostic capacity would be needed. Early in the outbreak, one of the world’s largest producers of diagnostic equipment—and a leading supplier of CT scanning equipment in China—reached out to Kollmorgen for help ramping up production.

Automating Systems for Sheet Metal Forming, Kollmorgen
29 Jun 2020

An Italian-based machine builder, supporting over 1,500 factories worldwide with manufacturing solutions for chimney pipes, air conditioning, automotive, and medical-pharmaceutical applications, wanted to position their new machine to take advantage of the growing market trend of increasing variation in pipe shapes and sizes. Kollmorgen engineers suggested a direct drive approach to eliminate the productivity limitations of the gears and belts, including the resulting system compliance that prevents quicker moves and reduces cut quality.

Better Cut Quality Through Improved Connectivity, Kollmorgen
29 Jun 2020

A Turkish-based company was looking to improve the cost, cut quality and machine serviceability of their flagship plasma cutting machine. Kollmorgen engineers implemented an AKM/AKD system solution to provide faster indexing and settle times. By implementing advanced tuning, the machine dramatically improved cut quality.

Optimizing Laser Cutting, Kollmorgen
29 Jun 2020

Since 1992, an Italian-based company has specialized in the design and manufacture of laser machine systems that are used around the world to cut a variety of materials, including metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, methacrylate and composite materials. Key to the success of these machines is the ability to produce complex parts with consistent accuracy. Kollmorgen, working in conjunction with the customer, implemented a water-cooled IC Series direct drive linear motor to enhance continuous force capabilities.

Simplified Controller Integration Speeds Time-to-Market, Kollmorgen
29 Jun 2020

The market for plasma cutting machines in North America is highly competitive, with customers looking for a variety of solutions—from big machines with high capacity and throughput to smaller machines for fabrication shops with more limited resources. A machine builder in Mexico looked for new ideas to successfully grow in this challenging environment. Success with the small, large, upgraded and custom machines all depended on precise motion, achieved quickly, affordably and reliably. That’s where Kollmorgen came in.

Kollmorgen Enhancing Precision While Reducing Size, Weight and Cost
29 Jun 2020

A major manufacturer of advanced laser-cutting machines engaged Kollmorgen in the early 1980s, recognizing the importance of precision motion to meet the unique and varied requirements of the machine builder's customer base. Kollmorgen designed a customized winding that worked with a specialized, high-density magnet material to deliver the needed power with no need to change the installation footprint.

Extending Design Life and Performance
27 Jan 2020

A major producer of food-slicing equipment needed a new servo system solution when the CAN fieldbus module used by its existing controller reached end of life and was no longer available. The manufacturer engaged Kollmorgen to provide the technology and co-engineering expertise needed to deliver the required motion control.

Kollmorgen Solution Catapults PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine to Top Producer in the World
24 Jan 2020

A major bottling operation in China needed to substantially increase output in order to ensure future success in a highly competitive market. The company engaged Kollmorgen motion experts in early 2019 to help minimize the machine’s indexing time.