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High Reach AGV in Solar Panel Manufacturing

By using high-reach AGVs, Seraphim Solar System have improved accuracy and efficiency in their warehouse. Hangcha has delivered the AGV system which is based on NDC Solutions.

'By using our AGV product, compared to manual forklift, Seraphim’s overall warehouse utilization increased by 40%, and the daily warehousing and storage time has been improved by 20%. This has greatly improved reliability and safety compared to traditional forklifts.', says LONG Kang, Deputy General Manager, Hangcha Group Co.

QIAN Hongjiang, Vice President, Jiangsu Seraphim emphasizes the importance of automation in their production. 'To simplify process and shorten the entire assembly line, I think flexible automations is highly effective approach. In fact, more and more factories are now aiming to achieve intelligent manufacturing through flexible automation. Because it delivers more features and greater flexibility.'