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Next-generation defense systems require next-generation motion capabilities. Commercial off-the-shelf motors seldom meet the design requirements of guided munitions and hypersonic missiles that must reach the target with precision despite extremes of temperature, vibration and shock. Yet few manufacturers can provide the custom motors you need to achieve rigorous requirements for stability, performance, cost and reliable supply. 

Kollmorgen knows how to address all these issues with advanced magnetics, insulation systems, metal alloys and manufacturing processes. Join this webinar hosted by 30+ year motion veteran Tom S. Wood to learn how to address the most formidable motion challenges for EO/IR sensors, seeker heads, fin actuators and other motion-critical systems. Tom has years of experience working with defense companies and will be taking your questions on the next-generation motion requirements for defense applications.  

You'll learn:

  • Maximizing torque in the most space-efficient form factor
  • Ensuring reliable motor performance at supersonic and hypersonic temperatures and forces
  • Achieving a perfect fit through standard modification
Next-Generation Motor Design for Missiles
06 Apr 2022

About the Presenter(s)

Tom S. Wood, Frameless Motor Specialist
Tom S. Wood, a 30+ year veteran in high-performance motion control, will lead this interactive session. He’ll share solutions to the most common challenges when integrating frameless motors into seeker heads, fin actuators and other motion-critical systems. And, based on his years of experience helping create successful solutions for Lockheed Martin systems, he’ll be answering any questions you may have for designing next-generation motion systems for advanced defense applications.