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The quality of the printed image is a direct function of the quality of motion. Better motion can also mean a printing press that offers higher throughput, greater reliability, less waste and simpler changeover and maintenance.

Kollmorgen motion solutions play a role in high-quality printing and related processes such as laminating, die cutting, slitting, folding, embossing and more. From the precise tension control needed to unwind and rewind delicate materials, to the application of complex printing and conversion processes, Kollmorgen solutions make all the difference for speed, quality and innovation. It’s a difference that drives a more profitable business.


Perfect web tension and speed, perfect synchronization of anilox rollers and plate cylinders, and perfect motion programming are the keys to a perfect print job.

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Precise positioning and torque is the key to creating and applying flawless labels, faster. Advanced automation allows labeling machines to do more.

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