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Field Service

Kollmorgen’s engineering, service and support teams are the world’s leading motion experts, with deep knowledge of all the major industries that rely on advanced motion control and automation technology. In addition to world-class expertise, we offer worldwide access—with design, application and manufacturing centers in strategic locations across the globe.

When motion matters to your success, count on our comprehensive field-service offerings for the motion-centric knowledge, tools and resources you need to make the difference for your business.

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Software Development

Perfect motion isn’t just about configuring drives. Our software development team works on your schedule, at your level of need, to help co-engineer a better machine. Programming services include:

  • Turnkey system applications: Developing system-wide code including motion programming, error handling and I/O interfacing
  • Motion-centric programming: Focusing on specific motion profiles across your machine
  • Code optimization: Reviewing and optimizing your code for best performance
  • HMI programming: Creating interfaces that make it easy for users to run your machine
  • Machine enhancements: Identifying opportunities to improve code efficiency and machine performance
  • Third-party devices: Developing code to interface with most third-party devices
  • Machine specification: Assisting in the development of a clear specification for all aspects of your machine control architecture

Start-Up Assistance

We want to make sure our products are doing all they can for the performance of your machine. In addition to tech support by phone, one or more Kollmorgen experts can work with you on-site to ensure trouble-free commissioning and start-up.

  • On-site programming and debugging: Reviewing, debugging and optimizing machine programs, whether at your facility or your customer’s
  • Power-on electrical shakeout: Identifying any areas of concern with electrical wiring, grounding or shielding
  • Qualification and verification: Ensuring that your machine performs to specifications
  • Technical phone support: Assisting you anytime using our remote diagnostic tools to help get your machine up and running with success

Machine Optimization

Using MechaWare™ and other advanced tools, we can analyze and fine-tune your machine for the best possible performance.

  • Mechanical and electrical consultation: Working with you to improve machine design at any level, from overall system architecture to reduction of parts and optimization of individual components
  • Motor and drive sizing: Ensuring the best performance at the optimum size, power and price point
  • MechaWare evaluation: Optimizing control algorithms to address issues of resonance, vibration and settling time
  • Tuning: Applying our advanced Bode plot diagnostics tools and advanced tuning algorithms to maximize performance
  • Compliance: Solving backlash and compliance issues through stiffer components or effective filtering
  • Throughput: Applying advanced modeling and tuning techniques to drive higher throughput
  • Control optimization: Reviewing the entire system architecture to identify opportunities to optimize and simplify control
  • Overall performance: Intelligently applying all the right tools to drive increased machine performance, end-to-end

Safety Consultation

As regulatory agencies continue to introduce new safety standards, our team can help make sure your machine is wired correctly and meets all safety requirements—including NFPA, UL and CE compliance.

Ongoing Maintenance

We can help maximize the life of your machine through predictive maintenance, quick and reliable access to spare parts, VPN connectivity for remote diagnostics, and the industry’s finest phone and field support teams. Better still, we can help you generate new revenues through software updates and machine enhancements that improve functionality and performance with each new generation.


Your system isn’t complete until it’s thoroughly documented. Whether we build a turnkey system for you or assist with any portion of your own development, we document the work. That means complete documentation of performance specifications, motion programs, HMI programs, component-level configurations, electrical schematics, troubleshooting procedures and operator instructions.


Our remote and on-site training programs provide expertise in every aspect of your Kollmorgen solutions, including drives, motors, mechanics and application sizing. In addition to learning industry-specific motion control techniques from the experts, your students will get hands-on experience working with Kollmorgen controllers, motors, drives and more.