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AKT2G I/O Devices for KAS

Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ includes a large selection of remote I/O terminals and couplers, all configured for auto-recognition and auto-configuration within our Integrated Development Environment.

Please visit Discontinued Products for KAS AKT I/O (K-bus) materials. These are available to support existing customers only.
EtherCAT® Bus Coupler

AKT2G Bus Couplers and Specialty Modules

These devices include our EtherCAT Bus Coupler, Standard-Bus End Terminals, and Power supply terminal with fuse.

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2 Ch Digital Input

AKT2G Digital Inputs

Kollmorgen Automation Suite offers 2, and 8-channel Digital Inputs. As well a 4-channel safe digital input.

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8 Ch Digital Output 0.5A

AKT2G Digital Outputs

This 0.5A digital output is available in an 8-channel version. A 4-channel FSoE safe digital output terminal also available.

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4-channel analog input, parameterizable

AKT2G Analog Inputs

Available 4-channel analog input, parameterizable, as well as 2-channel input terminal for resistance sensors, and a 4-channel thermocouple input terminal.

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4 Ch Analog Outputs 0-10 and -10 to +10 Vdc

AKT2G Analog Outputs

Kollmorgen offers 4-channel analog outputs in both 0…10 V, and -10 V…+10 V

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AKT2G Encoder Interface

AKT2G Encoder Interface

Available in a 1-channel incremental encoder interface and a 1-channel incremental encoder interface with differential input.

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Stepper Motor Drive Terminals and Accessories

Connect your stepper motors directly to Kollmorgen Automation Suite controllers with these AKT2G stepper drive terminals. With no need for conventional stepper drives, you can eliminate bulky hardware and complex wiring that would otherwise be required.

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