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SynqNet® motion controllers offer maximum servo performance and flexibility for demanding motion systems. OEMs can use MechaWare® and Bode Tool™ to implement perfect-fit control solutions using “off-the-shelf” hardware. The SynqNet network provides the convenience and low cost of 100BaseT cabling with the benefits of real-time determinism.

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Motion Programming

The MPI (Motion Programming Interface) is an object-oriented C/C++ programming library for use with SynqNet® motion controllers. You can also program SynqNet motion controllers using the MPX library, a Windows-based .NET API for programming in Visual Basic and other ActiveX-enabled environments.
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MechaWare Programming

Kollmorgen’s MechaWare™ mechatronic toolkit allows you to create advanced servo control algorithms and embedded routines using the MATLAB®/Simulink® graphical workspace from The Mathworks. A library of over 80 function blocks allows for rapid development, validation and instant download onto production-ready hardware.
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QMP-SynqNet® Controllers

These ultra-high-performance 64-bit controllers use a 1.2GHz processor for the ultimate combination of flexibility and speed. The QMP family of controllers are available in the PCI form factor, and are optimized to work with MechaWareTM, with support for up to 64 axes.

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Servo Drives

Kollmorgen servo drives available for use with SynqNet® systems include our complete family of best-in-class AKD™ servo drives, as well as our S200, S300 and S700 Series.
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I/O devices for SynqNet® include Slice I/Os and a full line of digital, analog and specialty inputs and outputs.

Digital Inputs

SLICE I/O is a modular I/O scheme that provides an expandable set of I/O blocks to any part of the SynqNet-based motion system. Digital input slices are available with 4, 8 or 16 inputs in a complete range of DC and AC voltages and output types.
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Digital Outputs

Digital output slices are available with 2 through 16 outputs in a variety of voltages, amperages and output types, including relay and TRIAC versions.
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Analog Inputs

4-terminal single-ended analog inputs are available in a complete range of voltages and amperages. We also offer 2-channel thermocouple and PT resistor inputs.
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Analog Outputs

2-channel analog outputs are available in standard voltage and amperage ranges.
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Specialty I/O Modules and Accessories

We supply the field power supplies and distributors, terminal blocks, end modules and other hardware you need to complete the I/O installation for your SynqNet system.
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Count on Kollmorgen support to help you design and build a successful machine and keep it reliably productive, anywhere in the world. Our co-engineering experts will work with you to tailor a perfect-fit solution for your motion requirements.

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