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SynqNet Motion Controllers

Motion controllers for SynqNet include QMP-SynqNet. We continue to provide service for ZMP-SynqNet-LT, XMP-SynqNet, XMP-Analog, XMP SynqNet PCI , XMP SynqNet PCPCI-uD and DSP controllers.

QMP-SynqNet Controller

These ultra-high-performance 64-bit controllers use a 1.2GHz processor for the ultimate combination of flexibility and speed. The QMP family of controllers are available in the PCI form factor, and are optimized to work with MechaWareTM, with support for up to 64 axes.

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SynqNet XMP-Analog

Serviced Motion Controllers

The ZMP-SynqNet-LT, XMP-SynqNet, XMP SynqNet PCPCI-uD , XMP-Analog, DSP and DSP LC controllers are no longer available for new applications. However, we continue to service these PC Card controllers for existing customers.

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