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Regen Resistors

Regeneration, or “shunting,” dissipates energy from the DC bus during deceleration of the motor load. If not dissipated, this energy is fed back into the drive and can cause an over-voltage fault. A regeneration resistor, or regen resistor, is an external device that dissipates excess energy and allows the drive to function normally when braking. Correct sizing of the resistor is crucial.

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Regen Resistors


After you calculate the appropriate resistor size using our MOTIONEERING® application sizing and selection software, compare the results with the capabilities of the drive and select an external regen resistor which matches these capabilities from the chart below. The resistors shown below are included in the WorkBench setup. If you do not find a match for your application, please contact the Kollmorgen customer support team for further assistance.

NA Part Number EU Part Number Resistor Type AKD-x-00306 AKD-x-00606 AKD-x-01206 AKD-x-02406 AKD-x-00307 AKD-x-00607 AKD-x-01207 AKD-x-02407
BAFP-100-33 DE-201437 External Resistor, 100 W, 33 ohms x x x          
BAFP-200-33 DE-201438 External Resistor, 200 W, 33 ohms x x x          
BAR-250-33 DE-106254 External Resistor, 250 W, 33 ohms x x x   x x x  
BAR-500-33 DE-106255 External Resistor, 500 W, 33 ohms x x x   x x x  
BAR-1500-33 DE-106258 External Resistor, 1500 W, 33 ohms x x x   x x x  
BAS-3000-33 DE-201407 External Resistor, 3000 W, 33 ohms x x x   x x x  
BAR-600-23 DE-200613 External Resistor, 600 W, 23 ohms               x
BAR-1000-23 DE-200614 External Resistor, 1000 W, 23 ohms               x
BAS-2000-23 DE-200615 External Resistor, 2000 W, 23 ohms               x
BAS-3000-23 DE-200616 External Resistor, 3000 W, 23 ohms               x
BAS-4000-23 DE-200617 External Resistor, 4000 W, 23 ohms               x
BAR-500-15 DE-201439 External Resistor, 500 W, 15 ohms       x        
BAR-1000-15 DE-201440 External Resistor, 1000 W, 15 ohms       x        
BAS-2000-15 DE-103871 External Resistor, 2000 W, 15 ohms       x        
BAS-3000-15 DE-103872 External Resistor, 3000 W, 15 ohms       x        
BAS-6000-15 DE-103873 External Resistor, 6000 W, 15 ohms       x        

For information on configuring regen resistor parameter values, see your drive’s user manual.

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